CK's Cold Dive
CK's Cold Dive
Some Thoughts on Threshold Signatures

Some Thoughts on Threshold Signatures

In which I give a high level overview of threshold signatures and how they work.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 00:54 What are threshold signatures?

  • 04:33 Example use-case: code signing.

  • 06:50 Example use-case: asset custody.

  • 11:08 Example use-case: validators.

  • 14:30 What kind of signatures are usually thresholdized?

  • 20:10 How distributed key generation works, at a high level.

  • 27:34 On the utility of key refresh.

  • 30:50 On the utility of pre-signatures

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CK's Cold Dive
CK's Cold Dive
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