CK's Cold Dive
CK's Cold Dive
They Don't Know about Non-Interactive MPC

They Don't Know about Non-Interactive MPC

In which I rant about how much mindspace Homomorphic Encryption occupies, and how this is similar to Machine Learning vs Computing.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 1:00 Legibility, and an overview of the rest of the episode.

  • 2:50 What is fully homomorphic encryption (FHE)?

  • 7:28 Some applications of FHE.

  • 8:15 Contrasting this with MPC.

  • 11:50 Why you shouldn’t need to care about implementation details for applications.

  • 14:28 Why I’m annoyed when people conflate Machine Learning and computing.

  • 23:20 The legibility problem, and why these kinds of conflations are inevitable.

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CK's Cold Dive
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