Idealized Models for FreeListen now (30 min) | In which I talk about stealing the notion of parametricity from functional programming to define idealized models of cryptographic objects.
Sketches of Meta-CryptographyListen now (26 min) | In which I describe some very early research thoughts about so-called "meta-cryptography": the analysis of cryptographic models…
Procrastinating on my Master's ThesisListen now (26 min) | In which I talk about some research I intend to undertake this semester, from threshold ECDSA, to bulletin boards, to robust…
Cool Another Interesting Threshold Signature In The HouseListen now (32 min) | In which I talk about CAIT-SITH, and why it's a pretty cool threshold ECDSA scheme with good implementation ideas and performance.
2023 is the New 1971Listen now (30 min) | Or why AI will not cause the economy to grow a bajillion times by 2030
They Don't Know about Non-Interactive MPCListen now (32 min) | In which I rant about how much mindspace Homomorphic Encryption occupies, and how this is similar to Machine Learning vs…
Bulletin but not BoredListen now (33 min) | Why alphabetical references are better than numerical, why round complexity is of limited utility, and more!
Threshold ECDSA in Excessive DetailListen now (78 min) | In which I talk about ECDSA, and various ways of thresholdizing it.
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