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MPC In The Head Special

MPC In The Head Special

Did you know that not all ZK proofs are SNARKs? Do you want to know how to make concretely efficient ZK proofs? (Terms and conditions may apply). This is the episode for you!

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 1:42 Introduction to Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

  • 7:07 What MPC in the head achieves, at a high level.

  • 14:35 The efficiency of MPC in the head.

  • 15:56 What is “MPC” anyways?

  • 18:37 How MPC in the head works, at a high level.

  • 20:38 An overview of the IKOS paper: the one that started it all.

  • 31:05 The ZKBoo paper: making MPC in the head practical.

  • 41:22 The KKW paper: adding pre-processing to simulated MPC.


    • “Improved Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge with Applications to Post-Quantum Signatures” - Jonathan Katz, Vladimir Kolesnikov, and Xiao Wang

  • 48:32 The core idea of the Limbo paper: verifying execution traces.


    • “Limbo: Efficient Zero-knowledge MPCitH-based Arguments“ - Cyprien Delpech de Saint Guilhem, Emmanuela Orsini, and Titouan Tanguy

  • 51:07 What distinguishes Ligero from other MPC in the head systems: Sqrt(N) complexity.

  • 54:10 The “Rambo” paper: how to add RAM to ZK proof programs.


    • “Efficient Proof of RAM Programs from Any Public-Coin
      Zero-Knowledge System” - Cyprien Delpech de Saint Guilhem, Emmanuela Orsini, Titouan Tanguy, and Michiel Verbauwhede

  • 1:03:10 My project, Rem-Boo

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